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PROSTANIT™ formula is considered by Urology therapists as the most complete within natural alternatives for treatment of prostate health and care.*


SAW PALMETTO Ext.: herbal extract well known for its capacity to inhibit the action of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase that turns testosterone into Dehydrotestosterone. Preventing this transformation of testosterone is also the way “Proscar” works, but Saw Palmetto does the job in a different and apparently more effective way.

PYGEUM AFRICANUM: Has 3 compounds with action over prostate health. Phytosterols to reduce inflammation triterpenoids that act over enzymes that cause edema, water accumulation, and lineal alcohol that reduce cholesterol.

PUMPKIN SEEDS: Fatty acids with powerful diuretic effect also have zinc and 3 important amino acids essential for prostate health as Glycine, Glutamic acid, and Alanine.  

ZINC: Essential supplement to regulate testosterone levels in the prostate. Zinc also inhibit the prolactine hormone which is harmful to prostate tissue, it keeps the T cells in level and thymus hormones.

LYCOPENE: Important carotenoid, has been found to be effective as antimutagenic, anti-carcinogenic.

Vit. B6 and E :   Works as diuretic, reduce muscle spasms Vit. E, antioxidant improves immune system.

SELENIUM: Essential trace mineral antioxidant, helps promote cells repair, anticarcinogenic.

MACA : Adaptogen to promote hormonal balance.

CAT’S CLAW: alkaloids, proanthocyanidins, reduce inflammation, Further information on the anti-cancer and antioxidant properties of Cats Claw as well as its ability to repair human DNA can be found at:

TURMERIC: Supplies essential nutrients, antiiflamatory, and carotenoids.

URTICA DIOICA (Stinging nettle) extract is often used to help treat and reduce urinary tract problems, and help to reduce the overall size of the prostate. It has an ability to stop or at least reduce the conversion of testosterone into Dehydrotestosterone (DHT).


DOSAGE: BPH prevention take 2 caps. a day if you have been diagnosed with BPH, take 2 caps., after every meal for 45 days (6 a day), then reduce to 3 caps. a day for 30 days, and finally 2 caps., a day or as directed by your physician.*