Dr. Nie Wentao’s new book to be published

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Dr. Nie Wentao’s New Book – Essential Guide to Diabetes Health Management to be Published

Dr. Nie Wentao’s writtings on diabetes mellitus have been concerned by medicagl professionals. As a a diabetes expert, Dr. Nie is writting a new diabetic book – Essential Guide to Diabetes Health Management in both Chinese and English, for healthcare workers and people with diabetes mellitus in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions.

In 1996, Dr. Nie started to study diabetes mellitus under the support of Prof. Wang Yaoting. He expectedly found that the diabetes was curable, especially some diabetic complications such as diabetic kidey, diabetic eye diseases and diabetic foot were reversible. Later on, he continues to find new clinical phenomena and completely changed the recognation on diabetes. His previous book – Conquer Diabetes Mellitus published in USA has a powerful impact on diabetic research and diabetes health management. It upends the conventional view of diabetes for many medical professionals, provides a new mode of diabetes study and even revises the diabetic research direction. As a scientist, Dr. Nie’s tremendous achievements on the field of diabetes for years have attracted wordwide attention.

In 1996, Dr. Nie Wentao noticed that there were a large number of records about grains relieving Xiaoke (Diabetes) in ancient literature of the traditional Chinese medicine by China ancient famous doctors. These experiences are of great difference with the then popular practice of strict restrictions on grains intake for diabetics. Since then, he started to study the relation of grain and diabetes. In 2008, he published a blood glucose curve under the metabolic protection afforded by eating grains,and proved that grain is beneficial to the health of most people with diabetes in the long term. limiting the intake of grain-based food as a dietary principle for people with diabetes mellitus had been popular for more than 200 years since Dr. Rollo first developed a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet for patients with diabetes. This finding disproved this dietary principle. In 2009 Bayer company launched a campaign to promote healthy staple food.

In 2004, Dr. Nie coined the conception of double high syndrome ( high insulin and high glucagon) to explain the type 2 diabetes. This theoretical model is intended to attach importance to the status of glucagon in the course of diabetes mellitus. In 2015, Glucagon becomes the new hot spot in the field of diabetes.

In 2006, based on clinical experience, Dr. Nie put forward the viewpoint – low blood sugar is often more harmful to body health than high blood sugar; a short time of low blood sugar may lead to a prolonged high blood sugar. A slightly higher blood sugar than normal will keep patient a better life quality. In 2009, NICE-SUGAR study published their research result – intensive glucose control increased mortality. It also proved the Dr. Nie’ academic achievement from an different angle.

In 2007, Dr. Nie wentao put forward dietary structure principle for people with diabetes: the ratio of grain – based food : vegetables & fruits: meat & eggs & diary = 6:3:1 in weight. It intends to stimulate the glucose metabolism system in the body by eating grain and improve the metabolic function of sugar in organism. In 2014, Harvard Medical School website published the similar ratio by volume.

In 2007, Dr. Nie put forward that the complications are often the reason of high blood sugar based on the clinical phenomena he found in the people who accepted his guidances – some complications and classical diabetic symptoms were first relieved or cured under slightly higher blood sugar than normal, then high blood sugar came back down afterwards. In brief, healthy condition first and normal blood suguar after. In 2015, Western scholars have found that cardiovascular diseases appear often earlier than diabetes.

In 2008, Dr. Nie put forward the exercise principle for diabetics: a small amount, several time a day and to excite skeletal muscle. He started to guide diabetics to strenghen their skeletal muscle tones when many doctors advised them to do exercise for the purpose of exhausting blood sugar. In 2011, Research by the University of Bath: short intense exercise is best for diabetics. They similarly turned away from burning blood sugar for energy.

In 2008, De. Nie put forward that the low blood suar in a short time may lead a prolonged high blood sugar.. In 2011, China theme On World Diabetes Day: a stimulation of low blood sugar can lead to lasting high blood sugar.

In 2010, Dr. Nie put forward the necessity of distinguishing high blood sugar on different condition, benign or problematic; formulated a table to differentiate the nature of blood sugar. It evaluates the implications of high blood sugar from complications, quality of list and diabetic signs and symptoms.

When the thinking – it is the high blood sugar that leads to other health problems in people with diabetes, is deeply etched in the majority of medical experts and patients, Dr.Nie started to consider what factors can cause the elevation of blood sugar and put forward the seven factors that can induce high blood sugar in 2010. In 2015, several studies reported that a lot of factors will result in false elevation of A1c levels and make the A1c not reflective of the patient’s true level of average glycemia.

In 2012, Dr. Nie first ointed out that different reason induced high blood sugar needs different period of time to drop back down. It is an important issue for patients with diabetes. For example, a high blood sugar can naturally drop back down in one week and if some hypoglycemic drugs are used under this case, it may lead to a prolonged high blood sugar for several months.

In 2013, Dr. Nie firstly analyzed different wave forms of blood sugar change – its implication and treatment method. These dynamic fluctuation patterns discovered by Dr. Nie will help to effectively restore blood sugar, avoiding health damage caused by exessive strict or insufficient control of blood sugar.

It is a group of systematic theories on diabetes mellitus put forward by Dr. Nie that have been verified in many research achievements throughout the world. Dr. Nie is a chinese modern doctor with the modern vision of disease researh and classic philosophical perspective on life passd down from ancient china cultures. It helps him to obtain more systematic information from the same limited data. The new book – Essential Guide to Diabetes Health Management to be Published will not only introduce these knowledges but also point out some important issues that are associated with the quality of life or even life and death for patients with diabetes.

(source of the information: the office website of Fuxi-Shennong-Xuanyuan Medical Humanities Press: http://fsxmhp.com/xsyg.asp)

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