Renowned diabetologist Dr. Nie Wentao is honored over 2015 Nobel prize winner for medicine

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Renowned diabetologist Dr. Nie Wentao is honored over 2015 Nobel prize winner for medicine

In the mind of Chinese people, the evaluation from Internet is on behalf of public awareness and the evaluation from government and academic assosiations is more credible. But now it is changing since Chinese-born Tu Youyou won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2015. Although working in China’s largest Medicine Research Institute, Tu Youyou did not received the highest honor for scientists in China. Another very influcencial chinese medical scholar – China diabetologist Dr. Nie Wentao, is totally engaged in the develpment of techonology and marketing. However, both are in the spotlight on internet media. Some analysis on the influence of China’s scientists on Netnews is conducted and precisely evaluated that Tu Youyou is the first influencial Chinese scientist on internet.

Early in 2012, Zhang Tianpei of Journalism School at Renmin Uninversity of China, carried out an evaluation or influence analysis on Chinese scientists on Internet and concluded that there are thirty five China scientists who received widely attention on Internet. Zhang listed Chinese pharmacist Tu Youyou, Polar scientist Wang Zipan, Archaeological scientist Huang Wanbo, Mathematician Yang Le, Physicist Wang Lijun, Geoscientist Liu Jiaqi, Diabetes Scientist Nie Wentao, Physicist Pan Jianwei, Geoscientist Ding Zhongli, Urban planning expert Li Xun, IT expert Liu Haitao, Entomologist Wu Kongming, Physicist Lin Junye and others. Here Tu Youyou’s Influence is ranked first.

In 2015, Chinese-born Tu Youyou was a joint winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering Artemisinin. Zhang Tianpei’s precise analysis has also been reported in many Chinese media websites. He designed a set of analysis methods for network news and these methods are proven effective. Furthermore, from this analysis of network news, people also see the value of network information. The way on evaluation of scientists will be changed after Tu Youyou won the Nobel Prize.

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